CityShor TV Originals

  • A New Age Romantic Love Story. Ayush and Rhea have had talks about committing to each other during college years, but they were always worried that if it doesn't work out, they'll lose each other's friendship as well. Rhea has been in other relationships since then, which didn't work out for multiple reasons. And Ayush never had time for serious relationships. The actual problem starts when Rhea’s family starts to look for a suitable match for her, and Ayush tries to look at it in the most positive and supportive way as he could.  
  • The First Gujarati Food + Travel Reality Show! 4 Friends, 10 days, and an epic journey across 15 cities of Gujarat to explore the best Street Food, but with a twist! A CityShor.TV original - The Street Food Journey of Gujarat is releasing on 26th March, 2021! Here is the Twist- - No Hotel Stays & the Camera stays on 24 x 7 ! Featuring - Karan Thakkar, Varshil Ajmera, Hemakshi patel, Priyanshi mehta  
  • Presenting the FIRST EVER GUJARATI DOCUMENTARY WEB SERIES- and that too, on the Royal Families of Gujarat! “The Royal Taste of Gujarat” ગુજરાત ની royal families, એમનું ઐતિહાસિક food, એમની રસપ્રદ stories! Experience the Royal way of Living with the Royal Families of Gujarat, their historic food dishes and their exciting stories! In short, fasten your seatbelts while we take you on a journey we have never been on before- with the Royal Families of Balasinor, Himmatnagar, Gondal & Danta - One episode (with each family) at time! :)  
  • Time to take a detour back to the roots with the first-ever web series on Gujarati Lok Dayro! Performed and shot amid live audience, it features superstar artists- Mayabhai Ahir, Ghanshyam Lakhani, Jitubhai Dwarkawala & Hitesh Antala 4 Artists | 4 Live Performances | 4 Episodes  
  • Releasing on Diwali. A Psychological Thriller. Whole of the city is at war. A war not waged on battlefields, nor with arms and ammunitions. A war nobody knows they have always been a part of. A war between two vastly different ideologies. Which side is good, and which is bad? Which one should prevail, and which one should vanish? Which side will the protagonist belong to, after all? He will have to choose, but will it be his choice at all?  
  • Releasing on 11th Dec, 2020. When two people have common enemy to fight with, they will eventually create a strong bond. Applying this principle in real life, Hansaben, on her death-bed writes a letter to his Husband Purushottam Parikh and Son Amey Parikh; who just don't get along with each other. As her last wish, she gives them few tasks to complete. Like staying at their Ancestral home in a Pol at Ahmedabad for 14 Days, in a certain budget that too without any help from outside!!! And ofcourse, few more!!!! See what happens to this Father-Son duo, while achieving these quirky yet logical tasks, in this Slice-of-Life series.  
  • A HeistThriller. A first of its heist story that has never been told before in Gujarati Web Series genre.  
  • A Sci-Fi Drama. The Web series is about Awik, a lonely man, who happens to meet 'Sault' - the most advanced Audio AI robot which provides support to Awik in doing little things of life. It's a story about human-robot friendship dealt in a very sensitive and playful way.  
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