Short Films

  • A no-holds-barred conversation between two main protagonists, best friends Ritu & Riya. The focus of this story is female friendship and the lives of two young women in their early twenties. As they banter on everything from unreasonable family WhatsApp groups , to quit smoking, to break up with boyfriend, Riya & Ritu have a heart to heart which is eminently relatable.  
  • An Uber driver who witnesses an unusual event after dropping a lady passenger that changes his night forever. Best Short Film Award at International Gujarati Film Festival (IGFF) 2019 in Los Angeles  
  • Watch First ever Gujarati Sci-Fi Short Film NATASHA. What if? Everything you see is Just “A Cerebral Game” of Our Mind. But What is “Cerebral Game”  
  • It is a typical arranged-marriage setup. Deval & Prashant are meeting each other for the first time as prospective marriage partners. Find what unexpected things happen with Deval at this point when she thinks she has found the guy of her dreams.  
  • Watch the first Gujarati Horror Comedy Short Film  
  • Ankit is finally hoping to spend some alone time with Neha. But this hope is ultimately shattered by incidents largely out of their control.  
  • અતિ ati means extreme. ati means excess. ati is the story of emotional conflict between two characters' 'ati' Tarkik, a genius mathematician, who is excessively obsessed with his pattern theory and Niyati, who is excessively devoted to Tarkik. Winner of Best Film - First Frame international film festival, MBICEM, Delhi, April, 2013  
  • Welcome to N. A. Shah Nivas A family as normal as every other, UNTIL...  
  • A farmer with a family of four, wife, a daughter and two boys intends to give good education to their kids but unable to do so because of money problems. The true reality of society and life of a farmer.  
  • A Horror Gujarati Short Film  
  • Ankit, a young Gujarati guy living in Ahmedabad finds out he is home alone for the day and decides to invite his friend Neha home who has an unusual demand hard to fulfill in Gujarat.  
  • "26 - A Gujarati Shortfilm" won clubby online mini movie film festival. Gujarat has a law that proscribes the sale and consumption of alcohol..smuggling and illecit sale of alcohol is very common.A guy who is trying to change turns out being a psychotic killer.  
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