About Us

What is CityShor.TV
CityShor.TV is the first Gujarati OTT platform. We are a Gujarati Entertainment Platform where we curate and produce original Gujarati Web Series, Movies, and Short Films.

What do we do:
1. We make our own Original Gujarati Web Series & Movies - CityShor.TV Originals. ‚Äč
2. We curate great Gujarati content available freely on internet.
3. We provide platform for filmmakers to host their films on CityShor.TV

What is CityShor TV Originals:
‘CityShor TV Originals’ is a part of CityShor.TV, where we intend to finance Gujarati web series. Please note that we don’t intend to finance Gujarati short films and high budget movies. The details of each project vary case to case basis.

Following are important details, if you are looking to approach us for CityShor.TV Originals.

What we look for:
We look for great stories that brave new territory. We value great characters, interesting new worlds, and stories that surprise us over fancy visual effects, famous actors, or silly one-liners that often feed much of online videos. We tend to score films based on three attributes:

Head—Does it break new ground and have us thinking about something in a new way?
Heart—Does it stir us emotionally?
Hand—Does it exhibit great skill and craftsmanship?

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